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Kyara Nebuliser Family LTK160


The Kyara Compression Spray helps make inhalation therapy easier by turning it into a toy. Kyara comes with a splash-proof Fasterjet® nebulizer container.
The inhaler is intended for aerosol dispensing of medicaments (eg Ventolin, Pulmicort, NaCl, etc.) which can be deeply inhaled by a child or adult through a mouthpiece or mask. The nebuliser converts the medication into particles of average 2.92 microns and delivers them to the deeper airways and lung alveoli. The inhaler is used for fast and effective treatment of asthma, respiratory and lung diseases.



  • Fasterjet® Sprayer
  • Nose piece
  • Mouth piece
  • Adult mask
  • Children mask

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Product Description

Technical capabilities

  • Air flow 14 l / mn
  • Operating flow 6 l / mn
  • Compressor pressure range 36 Psi (250 KPa)
  • Operating pressure range 15 Psi (90 KPa)
  • Capacity of the medicine 2 ÷ 16 ml
  • Average spray rate 0.55 ml / mn
  • Nebulization <5 μm 80%
  • Operating mode Continuous
  • noise level of 58 dBA
  • MMAD <2.92 μm
  • Insulation class II BF
  • Power supply AC 230 V, 50 Hz
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